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° Rules & Regs The Rules and Regulations page outlines procedures within DJO

° Basic Training Basic Training Manual

° DJO Charter The clubs Charter forms to core document of the Organization

° Military Conduct DJO policies and procedures in form and function

° Ranks See the TFA Ranks list

° Condor SQN Meeting See the current timetable for SQN Meetings

° Reporting Link A Condor Pilot favorites Duty >;)

Dark Jedi Org Settings and more
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° The administrative backbone of the club

° DJO Calendar See what´s coming up next

° Your Profile Edit your personal info and bios

° Comlink Preferences Edit your personal comlink settings

° BSC ID List See the clubs members BSC ID's

° DoS Ribbon Check See the last added ribbons for Days of Service

° TFA active Members See a list of the active clubs members

° TFA Fleet Roster See the whole TFA Fleet Roster

° Count my Recruits See a List of Members recruited by yourself

° Darkjedi Security (D-Sec) Haffkes favorite DJO Department (they´re Wieners...)

Driver & Bios Updates
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° Asus - (Mobo, Notebook, GFX-Cards and more)

° Gigabyte - (Mobo, Server and more)

° Epox - (Mobo, Bluetooth and more)

° MSI - (Mobo, GFX-Card, Barebones and more)

° AMD - (CPU, Flash-Memory and more)

° Intel - (CPU, Mobo, Network and more)

° NVidia - (Mobo, GFX, Lan and more)

° Ati - (GFX- Cards and Chipsets)

° Sapphire - (GFX- and TV-Cards)

° Soundblaster - (Soundcards)

° Creative - (Soundcards, External Peripherie and more)

° Logitech - (Input Devices and more)

° Thrustmaster - (Input Devices and more)

Starwars - Original Homepage and Fanpages
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° Official Starwars Homepage by Lucasfilm

° Your daily doze of Starwars

° OBC production Great custom Videos around SW and TFA made by Buzzdee

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